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What's happenin'? 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 10/20/2007
If any of you have been wondering what's happenin' around here, let me take a couple of minutes to tell you: The temperature has finally cooled off - it's more like Missouri only not so wet. I love car races Mason's getting older - do you think he will ever catch me? My dad found out he passed the bar.  I'm glad he finally passed.  ( I thought we   more...
It's warmed up a little 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 09/25/2007
Speaking of the weather, it has warmed up a little bit.  And except that it is dry it's a little like Missouri (Missouri had 2 1/2 inches of rain in four hours today.  I bet that's as much as we get in 6 months here in Las Vegas. If it warms up a little more I'll be able to go swimming. By the way, Dad hasn't heard about his law exam, yet, but we   more...
It's "cold" here. 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 09/23/2007
When we moved to Las Vegas I was told that I wouldn't be cold again.  I knew I would miss the snow and ice, but boy how hot is hot?  This last week I kept waiting for mom to break out the old Missouri coats.  It got cold here.  Not below zero cold like in Missouri.  It is so cold:  "How cold is it?  It's to cold for the air conditioner to come on   more...
Grandma Schriever visited me (and Mason and MOM and DAD) 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 09/19/2007
Last week was so neat, Grandma Schriever pop up out of the air.  They say she came on an airplane, but I don't know what that means for sure, all I know is that - - - -poof - - - one day she was just there.  I was so happy, it was just like old times. I showed her my new house and everything about it.  She went swimming with me ( and Mason).  She   more...
8 April 2007 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 04/08/2007
H a p p y   E a s t e r  - yes, I know this is day of the Resurrection - but at my age it's more fun to look for eggs and wear new clothes.  (Dad syas the Easter Bunny left the eggs - man, I'm really confused - I thought chickens layed eggs - not bunnies.) We went to Church this morning and then I came home early with Grandma and Grandpa so that   more...
1 April 2007 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 04/01/2007
Today mom and dad left me with Grandma and the Grand Paross.  I had so much fun.  The Grand Paross taught me how to jump off the top of the table.  It didn't hurt to bad.  He also taught Mason how to walk backwards.  It is so neat, I was almost 3 month older than Mason when I learned how to walk backwards.  Mason is also talking really good. I   more...
24 March 2007 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 03/24/2007
I've been a bad, bad, bad boy.  I haven't written for a long time.  I'm sorry, so sorry, please accept my apology.  (I'll bet I could write a song from that sentence.)  What an exciting year we're having here in Liberty, and it's only 3 months old. So far this year I have: Made a couple of snowmen Drove my snow saucer all over the yard Had my first   more...
Happy New Year Everyone 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 01/01/2007
I am to old to be the New Year baby anymore.  I sometimes feel like father time.  Here I am in my third year, and sometimes I feel like I've been here all my life. Last week my Great Grandma Schriever passed away.  She has returned to live with my Heavenly Father.  I am sad to have her gone, I going to miss seeing her.  We visited her every time we   more...
A season of giving 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 12/04/2006
I am so glad to be part of a family that shares everything.  What ever we have we share equally.  I share my toys with Mason and he shares his with me (at least the ones I want to play with.)  Mom and Dad seem to share every thing. But. . . . . Sharing can go to far!  (I have decided)!!!!! Last week Daddy got sick - I mean nasty sick - he spent all   more...
'nother special to Great Grandma Taylor 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 11/08/2006
Will you tell me a story?  Better let me start this way.  I listen to Grandma and Grandpa Schriever talk about my daddy's family,  My Great-great-great grandpa Watkins and others.  But I don't hear any stories about my Mommy's family.  Would tell me things about mommy's family so I'll know how I got to be who I am.  Tell me about you and Great   more...
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