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Wow it has been a while 
Posted by Connor Schriever on 12/01/2015
BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Posted by Connor Schriever on 07/24/2013
On Friday I woke up at 4:45am, but it was worth. Why was it worth it? I bet you were wondering. Because I love space and I went to the Griffith Observatory which is also a planetarium. As soon as you go in you will see a gold spinning ball. It represents the earth spinning around the sun. If you go left you'll see a lot of stuff about telescopes.   more...
June 9,2013 
Posted by Connor Schriever on 06/09/2013
I was sick today and yesterday. Grandma Paula was here for the weekend. I am going to tell you about what I did before the last two Connor's thoughts. That's when I will tell you on the  NEXT  Connor's thoughts. because I have to go to bed. P.S It is  S UMMER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   more...
I'm Sick!!!- forgot May 20, 2013 
Posted by Connor Schriever on 05/20/2013
For the last few days I've been sick! I am still a little sick, but besides that I'm fine. I had a fever,I almost threw up, I have been very tired, and I have a dry mouth.Wait on the last Connor's thoughts did I tell you that I would write what happend. Well I am not doing it on this one.READ THE NEXT ONE!    READ THE NEXT   more...
Connor's FIRST thoughts that he is typing all by himself :) 
Posted by Connor Schriever on 05/18/2013
A lot of things happened ever sence the last Connor's thoughts.Wait, wait, wait, I did not tell you that I Connor am doing this one.All the other Connor's thoughts where made by my grandpa,Ross Schriever.      Here are some things I did.1. I went surfing. 2. Mattie is born( I have a sister!!!)(Mattie is the sister) 3. I got baptized!!! 4. I got a   more...
New update from Connor 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 02/08/2011
Grandma Paula left our house Sunday night.  She was here to help Mommy after her surgery.  She had something called a hernia that she had to have fixed.   She was very sore and spent a couple of days in bed.  She is getting better now. When Grandma Paula left my other Grandma Schriever brought Grandpa with her to help for a couple of more days.  It   more...
Where Have I Been? 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 09/12/2010
I was just looking at when I was last on here giving my thoughts and it's been over two years.  Where have I been?  What have I been doing.  Anything exciting?  Well, here goes. I've been in two "Great Strides" Walks I've moved into a new house I've had a cyst removed from my palate (whatever that is) I've had my adnoids removed I've had my sinus   more...
I heard a rumor 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 07/01/2008
I got a picture of Mason and Me in the mail with a bunch of dates on it.  I think it's called a calendar.  We've been putting X's on the dates every night for about a month and there are only 8 more days 'til something's going to happen.  I'll bet you can't guess what it is - - - nope not that - - - wrong again - - - you're getting warmer - - - boy   more...
Am ma brought ompa 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 10/31/2007
It happened.  Last night my dad left for a while and when he came back he had Am ma with him.  I saw her and then looked behind her and there was OMPA.  I was so excited.  She promised she would bring him and she did.  We have spent so much time together.  I am so glad they are here. They came on a big plane.  They were still here this morning when   more...
I heard ompa was coming 
Posted by Ross Schriever on 10/29/2007
I was talking with Grandma S the other day and she said she and Ompa were coming to Las Vegas.  Is that true?  I haven't seen them for soooooo looooooong.  Do you think they will remember me?  I hope so!  Do they know that I have grown a lot since I last saw them?  Will they recognize me when they see me?  Will I recognize them?  Grandma was here   more...
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