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Posted by Connor Schriever on 07/24/2013

On Friday I woke up at 4:45am, but it was worth. Why was it worth it? I bet you were wondering. Because I love space and I went to the Griffith Observatory which is also a planetarium. As soon as you go in you will see a gold spinning ball. It represents the earth spinning around the sun. If you go left you'll see a lot of stuff about telescopes. When you are in the telescope place if you look right you will see a electricity lightning display. If you go back to the gold spinning ball and you go right you see the moon phases and more. When you go to the bottom floor you will be able to find out your weight on the moon and the planets counting pluto too. You can also touch a piece of Mars and the Moon. Around the same place you are able to see what happens when you make a meteorite hits a planet. I got to see a little movie of how the Universe started forming and how we learned about the solar system. It was Awesome! At the gift shop I got to buy REAL METEORITES! I also got to see a HUGE telescope. I told me mom that I wish I could live at the Observatory.

Then on Saturday we went to Huntington Beach so I could go surfing because of a foundation that does free surf lessons for CF kids. Mauli ola foundation is what it is called. My surfer I got to be with was CJ Kanuha. I can also be called CJ because of "Connor John." He took me really far out there and we caught some really big waves and took a lot of them straight to the sand. He told me that he has been in the Ocean before he could even stand. He has his very own surf school in Hawaii. There was also another Connor with CF there, but he is like a teenager. It was neat seeing other kids who had CF like me. CJ was a very good surf teacher. He was very nice to me. He helped me stay on the board when I was about to fall off. I LOVE surfing and wish we lived by the ocean. The foundation also gave us a lot of stuff like a backpack, sunglasses, headphones, shirt and more. I also got a medal from a foundation that get donated medals from people who run marathons and they donate their medals to kids who are sick. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again next year!

Satarn wave with Connor

CAN YOU SEE ME WAVING TO SATURN???. I am in the middle left side in grey shorts and bluish shirt.

connor with CJ

CJ Kanuha and me!!!

Connor's Thoughts  Classic View