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Posted by Ross Schriever on 10/31/2007

It happened.  Last night my dad left for a while and when he came back he had Am ma with him.  I saw her and then looked behind her and there was OMPA.  I was so excited.  She promised she would bring him and she did.  We have spent so much time together.  I am so glad they are here.

They came on a big plane.  They were still here this morning when I woke up.  I got out of bed and ran into the other room and jumped on them to get them up for a fun day.

They are here to be with us when Daddy gets sworn at.  They are making him a lawyer for real tomorrow.  No more make believe lawyer.  He is finally "real".  I was wondering if I would ever have a real lawyer for a dad.  It is exciting.

We are going to a "Trunk or Treat" at the Church tonight.  I'm not sure why I will be going to the Church in a trunk, but I think the treat will be worth it.  I think there are a lot of people who want to give me and Mason all their candy, and I am willing to take it from them.  If they want to get rid of the candy - - I can help them out.

Mason and I are going as Spider man (red) and Spider man (black)  You'll have to wait for Mom to post the pictures to see who's who.

Ompa says - "If you don't have candy - you can send cash."

If any of you want to get rid of your candy, send it to the Spidey twins, we will help you by removing the temptation from you house.  (I promise I will take my enzymes.)

Connor's Thoughts  Classic View