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Posted by Matt Schriever on 06/11/2006

I have a new section called "Connor's Family" it will have more pics and stuff later, but there you can see my new brother Mason and see what the family is up to.

I will post pictures next week when Matt has more time to help post them. Connor is loving Cali. He has a new slide to play with and his pool in the back yard. We put his slide into the pool and he was loving it. It was so cute! He also loves to play in Uncle Dylan's big pool at my mom's house. Connor also got to go to Apollo Park, which is a park I went to as a child. It has a lake that you have a walk way all around and a play ground too, but Connor couldn't play on that. There also is many ducks and we got loafs of bread to feed them. It is so cute. You can have them come right up to your hand to get the bread. Connor for awhile was more interested in eating the bread himself. Then he finally wanted to throw the bread for the ducks to eat.

He is exploring and getting into everything. He loves opening and shutting doors now. So thats a lot of fun. We had to put things on the door knobs now. Also he learned to climb out of his play pen so we got him a toddler bed. He now gets up as soon as the sun does...It is alot of fun trying to put him to sleep, and then getting up at 6am :) I hope soon he will learn to sleep longer. AT least 8am I hope :) Anyways I will keep you informed and write more later. Pictures will come soon.   --Charla

Connor's news  Classic View