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Posted by Charla Schriever on 10/24/2007
Okay well Connor has been on a med called Tobi for almost a year. Last November he cultured PA (Pseudomonas) and he started on it. Well they finally took him off it and we are praying the PA doesn't come back. He will be off it for a month and then get a culture and if no PA shows then he will stay off it until he gets PA again. The tobi takes 20 minutes the neb in the morning and another 20 minutes in the neb at night, so now COnnor has 40 minutes less treatment without Tobi. Plus we save $50 a month with him not needing it. :) So please pray to keep the PA away!!!!  
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RE: Tobi... - Posted by Charla Schriever on 03/17/2008

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Posted by Charla Schriever on 03/17/2008
Still off of the Tobi and still not culturing Pseudomonas!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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