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Connors Thoughts

Posted by Great Grandma Taylor on 01/04/2007

It was good to see today another message with Connor's thoughts.  We look forward to hearing what he is communicating to Grandpa Schriever.

We were sorry to hear about Great Grandma Schriever passing away.  Since we know for sure where we go when that happens to any of us, we know that she is in a very beautiful place and she is with Great Grandpa Schriever again.  You will all miss her very much but you know that she is very happy now.

You must have had a lot of fun being with so many cousins and aunts and uncles when you were in Utah. You were able to have more than one Christmas too so that was really a special thing for you.

All of us in California are looking forward to having you and your Mommy and Daddy and Mason living in Las Vegas.  Nevada is so much closer to us than Missouri, so we will be able to see you more often.  I know that your Grandma and Grandpa Schriever will really miss having you living right by them where they can see you every day, so they will have to make some trips to Las Vegas to visit. You will really miss being so close to them too, so it is good that we all have computers to share pictures and cell phones to be able to talk with each other.  Then we can still stay in touch even though we are far away.  You will need to keep telling your Grandpa Schriever all of the things you want everyone to know  so he can still keep us informed.

One day I will answer the question that you asked me a long time ago. I need to think about what to write about us so just be patient and I will do it later on.

Remember that we love you and little Mason and your Mommy and Daddy.

Lots of Love,  Great Grandma Taylor









RE: Connors Thoughts

Posted by Charla Schriever on 01/13/2007
I just saw you wrote this. Thanks for your comment. Ross loves writing on Connor's thoughts. I enjoy reading all Connor is thinking :) Hope you guys are staying warm!!! miss and love you guys!!!!! I can't wait to live closer to you guys!!!!!!!!
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