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Posted by Ross Schriever on 09/12/2010

I was just looking at when I was last on here giving my thoughts and it's been over two years.  Where have I been?  What have I been doing.  Anything exciting?  Well, here goes.

  • I've been in two "Great Strides" Walks
  • I've moved into a new house
  • I've had a cyst removed from my palate (whatever that is)
  • I've had my adnoids removed
  • I've had my sinus cleaned out
  • Mason and I have a swing-set
  • I have "clean grass" in my backyard
  • My mom has quit work and is home every day when I get out of school
  • Mason is in pre-school
  • Mason has been in the hospital for a check-up after he passed out at our house
    • When he came home I declared it "Mason's Day at the Schriever house"
      • I let him play with any toy he wanted
      • He got any book he wanted
    • I was so glad he was home I let him have whatever he wanted - It was a lot of fun
  • Mason knows his ABC's
  • I'm having my tonsil's out this week
  • My Grandpa is retiring so he can spend more time with me and Mason
    • Can you believe I use to call him "ompa"
  • I am in goooooooooood health
  • I'm a CTR 5 in Primary at Church
  • My Dad is still a Lawyer

WOW!!! that's a lot for a little (big) kid to have done in such a short time.  I am excited about life.  Everything is so good.  I love my parents and brother so much.

Watch this space - I'm back and I'll try to keep you informed

Love you all,

Connor John Schriever

Connor's Thoughts